Foundations: Celebrating 50 Years!

Visual art is a part of the fabric of communities and drives conversations that shape our values. The role of an artwork reaches far beyond an individual piece—it creates a platform for reflection and innovation.

We believe that art is an essential part of public life, and we share it with passion and purpose. We work to interpret, present, and preserve the artworks in our care and develop programs to help the public connect with the art and its makers. We invite you to explore the people and artwork that inspire our 50th anniversary publication.


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enduring women veils of secrecy​​​​​​​

Gerald Pedros / Sylvia Curtis Norcross
Exhibition: 2005

Director's Statement Public art galleries have a responsibility to present exhibitions that delight and inspire the viewer, and exhibitions that challenge the viewer to disrupt their comfort, to question and re-evaluate their assumptions. Some exhibitions can be appreciated on a purely visual level, where others force a sense of self awareness or community consciousness. Enduring Women: Veils of Secrecy is an example of the latter. Violence against anyone, whether it be a woman, man or child, is a troubling thought. What is worse is the reality of the statistics.

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