Exhibitions at the Public Art Centre take place in our Gallery ONE, TWO and THREE. Tours are free of charge and can be organized in advance for school and community groups. For more information please see Education Programs.


Current Exhibition

Nick Johnson

cornfield cosmography

June 22 to August 10, 2024

Gallery One & Two

Almost all of my drawings since the 1980's, not counting the stones, have been done in cornfields, or rather, on the edges of cornfields. That is to say, up until 2007, the perspective represented in the drawings was usually that of someone looking at the cornfield from outside. But beginning in that year I moved fully into the cornfield, looking for openings where I could be surrounded, where there was nothing but the ground I sat on, and the sun, and the corn, in motion from any breeze, growing into the sky on all sides. From that time forward, the prevailing perspective of my drawings, as in these Cornfield Cosmography drawings, became that of someone looking from the centre outward to the horizon in all directions. In the drawings, the cornfield becomes the whole world as it takes on the sun and the sun moves around it. This leaves the cornfield in many of the drawings looking like a bristling planet or island in the sky. Implicitly, at the centre of this configuration, there is an outward-gazing person, and a few of the drawings focus on that figure.


Raegan Little

Made in Canada

June 22 to August 10, 2024

Gallery Three

Raegan Little is a multidisciplinary artist based in Waterloo, Ontario, currently focusing primarily on ceramic sculpture.  After years of practicing law and raising three children, she took a leap of faith, returning to school to pursue her honours fine arts degree from the University of Waterloo (2022).  She continually experiments with different mediums, and her love of reading, words, junk food (and occasional cocktail) often spills into her artwork.  Raegan’s goal is to spread happiness, light and humour into every piece she creates.


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